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You wake up in bed, next to your handsome husband, his hard cock rubbing up against you through his thin pants. You are a 26 year old woman, pretty, kind, and rather horny. You look at your husband, his muscular chest, and his handsome face. He slowly wakes up and looks at you.

"You want a morning session, honey?" He asks coyly.

"You read my mind."

Pulling his erect cock out of his PJ's, you stroke it to full size and pull back your nightie, revealing a bare pussy. You puts his cock into your pussy, moaning. He grabs your tit and rolls it in his fingers, making it erect before sucking on it. Your moans intensify, and your hips buck into your husband's more vigorously, the sound of skin on skin growing more frequent. His sucking also intensifies, and your nipples begin to produce a small trickle of milk, left over from when you breastfed Shaun. He swallows it, savoring the taste. After 10 minutes of this, you and your husband get up and get dressed. You walk into the bathroom and fix yourself up in the mirror.

5 minutes later, a Vault Tec Rep is at your door, asking you to fill some papers out for you. You agree to fill them out.

Remember these traits you choose.

Instructions: Choose one item from each section that best describes you.

SECTION ONE: Personality

Strength.....Your brute force tends to help you through problems

Intelligence.Your brain power helps you think through trouble

Charisma.....Your silver tongue can talk you into or out of just about anything

Perceptive...You tend to notice, and expose, things people often miss

SECTION TWO: Attributes

Godly Looks..You are handsome in all ways. If you choose this, you get all three perks in the Looks section.

BiTraital....You are well studied. You may choose two Personality Traits.

Inventive....You can be creative when you try. In building and leading settlements, you think of things others don't.

Reading over the next two sections, you glance at the Representative.

"Oh, I'm guessing you are looking at Sections 3 and 4. Those are required questions, for health and safety records, and no one will look at them unless need be."


Pretty.....Your face is heavenly, and men will melt in your gaze.

Busty......Your firm, round assets make men drool.

Bubbly.....Not your personality, your rear, which draws men's gazes constantly.

SECTION FOUR: Willingness

Kinky........You are willing to do things that aren't quite normal

Orgy.........You have no qualms about numbers of any size

Beastly......You are fine with dealing with animals

You hand the papers back to the Vault Rep and go sit with your husband.

200 years and 1 hour later

[Hey, if you want to write the boring part where your husband gets shot, be my guest.]

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