Fall asleep for a little longer

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Status: Topless & Buried

You feel really relaxed and begin to drift off to sleep, it's very difficult to stay awake and just as you are almost completely asleep you barely overhear one of the teens say "Did you remember to put it in her water?" Another says "Good now we can finish up the final touches". You awake a little later and remember where you are, buried in the sand. But if you are buried in the sand why can you feel a soft breeze blowing across your large breasts. You look down your body expecting to see sand and the first thing you notice is that your tits are exposed, the second thing you notice is you really can't move a muscle to cover them.

A teen you have never seen before comes over and explains things for you, apparently the drug they put in your water should wear off in about an hour or so. They were here on a dare and wanted to make an impact for their initiation and when you got washed up from the waves they knew you were perfect for their plans. He shows you a photo and says "Here's the picture Tina promised you of what you look like" and then sets it down next to you. He then looks down at you and says "have fun" tweaking a nipple in the process and walks away.

The picture was of erotic art, a woman bound on a table of some sort with a board that comes across her chest with two holes so her breasts can stick through, and in this case they are your boobs that are in that particular location. On the board some writing describes a party they are having in a couple weeks with an address. It also specifies that girls at the party must follow the dress code. Topless or bikini required, penalties include breast bondage. You imagine that's what this particular image you are a part of is depicting.

You are startled out of your thoughts by a hand squeezing your breast. It's another teen who says "If these tits are going to be there I have got to go to this party." He spends about five minutes fondling your huge boobs. Then he takes a picture with his cell phone and wanders off. After about an hour you have been well groped and fondled, one guy even spent a few minutes sucking on your nipples, you realize you can move once again. The only problem is you are still topless and your bikini top is long gone.

Do you:

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