Fight them

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Bound

You struggle and writh, trying to get out from under the women and your bonds, without much success.

"We got a live one!" the buxom one says. With that, she plants her sex right on your face.

You fight for air, as she begins to moan softly. You feel fingers rubbing your clit, before a moist tongue licks furiously.

Soon, your struggling turns to contortions of pleasure, and the women on your face begins to grind her hips against you.

You both cum simultaneously, and she falls off you, panting.

Lying next to you, fanning herself with her hands, she says "I think that was more fun because you fought." She smiles at you.

"My turn?" Her friend asks, smiling.

They lift you to your knees, and untie your hands. You bend over, and begin to caress the other girl's skin, squeeze her breasts, before turning you attention to her moist pussy. She leans back on her hands, arching periodically as your intensity increases. Soon, she is shouting at the top of her lungs.

She falls over as a flush hits her skin, her friend laughing.

The girls collect their belongings, and sneak you into the back of their car. You tell them your address, and duck in the back as the car drives through town.

You look confused as they pull into a driveway that isn't yours.

As if sensing your confusion, the buxom girl smiles, and says "You haven't earned your freedom yet."

You smile, as you dash into their house, covering your nakedness with your arms.

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