Find it by the bottom of the slide

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Topless & Molested

You see your top just at the bottom of the slide. Quickly, you swim over, careful not to let your exposed tits out of the water. As you reach out to grab your top, a teenage boy comes barreling down the slide right on top of you. He knocks you back, landing on top of you. In an effort to stop himself, the boy reaches out and grabs you bare tits.

"I'm sorry miss. I couldn't stop." The teenager begins. "These are amazing. Are these real?" He asks suddenly.

You turn red, not bothering to take his hands off your tits. "Yes. 100%."

"Hey guys," the teenager yells to a group of teenage guys a few feet away. "Come check this out!"

With that the boys friends come over and you find yourself surrounded.

Do you:

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