Flight attendant sees you and comments (positive)

From Create Your Own Story

You see the flight attendant pulling up her cart. She comes up next to you and her hand goes straight to her mouth and her eyes go wide. "Oh my God! I thought the guys were messing with me but you're really not wearing anything on your bottom!", she says excitedly, "And it's shaved! I can see everything, including your little clitty poking out!"

"You are my hero!", she gushes, "but why not go all the way? How often do you get a chance to fly totally naked? I don't mind. And the passengers across the aisle don't mind, do you?"

The two men across from you say "No, we don't mind at all". "What do you think?", she inquires. You've never thought about it. Earlier today, you were embarrassed and humiliated at the security checkpoint, but now you feel empowered. And she makes a good point: when else will you ever get this opportunity? What do you do next?

Status: Bottomless and feeling powerful

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