Flip her around and kiss

From Create Your Own Story

Your lust cannot be controlled anymore. You flip around, and press your mom against the shower wall. "I know why you came in." you say as you grab her face. "What do you-" your mom says but is cut off when you embrace lips. As water drips down you bodies, you seal the deal and stick your tongue in her mouth. Her tongue initially recoils but givens and she drops her hands to your waist. "Oh yes, Jessy," Mom says as she breaks from your soft lips and takes initiative. She pushes you to the other end of the shower and smushes your bodies together. She grabs and squeezes your ass as you wrap a leg around her to support yourself against her furious kissing. "Dad took Miranda to gymnastics and Josh to football," she says in between, "we have all day."

"Good," you say, "there's plenty of stuff I want to do with you." As she pushes her tongue deeper into your throat, you...

Waste water

Grab her wet tits

Get her to grab your wet tits

You are:
Jessica, age 21
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