Flip her over and take your turn on that pussy

From Create Your Own Story

You strip off your shirt and toss it aside. You look down at Miranda's cum streaked face. Her expression flips from pain to pleasure over and over, alternating waves of each crashing down onto her as Chad crashes into her.

"Hey, I want some of that too," you tell Chad as he pounds away.

A few slow, weighty thrusts and he pulls out with a smile on his face. "Be my guest! She a great fuck!"

Miranda is still mindlessly sucking you off as you reach down and grab her leg. You spin her around on the bed, flipping her onto her back and pulling her pussy mound toward you. Her eyes are closed, her arms now hanging limply over her head. Her young cunt is gaping, the small cavity unwilling or unable to close itself after be violated so completely. Her sex is also completely covered in cum, no doubt the only lubrication left in her. You try not to think about that too much as you press yourself against her.

She's still insanely tight. Her pussy might be gaping but it's still tiny. It strangles your cock as you enter her. Her featureless labia clamp down on your shaft, gripping you evenly on all sides and causing you to shudder. She groans and moans as you fill her with your meat.

"Fuck... Fuck! Holy shit!" you grunt.

"See?" Chad says with a chuckle, stroking his dick casually.

Push into your sister's sex as deep as you can and fuck yourself senseless

Lift Miranda up into the air and impale her on your dick

You are:
Josh, age 15
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