Follow Me (take him into the bathroom)

From Create Your Own Story

"Hey Marcus"

"How are you Archie?" He gives you a brilliant smile. Man that kid is so cute, you feel your erection throbbing in your pants, begging for a release. You decide to take him to the bathroom and see if you can get lucky with him there.

"I am well, hey Marcus I was just heading to the bathroom, but if you wanted to talk you are free to join me." You smile at him, then wink. You can see that he is surprised, he starts to stammer a response but you are not listening, you notice a sizable buldge in his pants. Man you think to your self that kid must have one huge cock for a child You deside you cannot wait any longer, you wrap your arm around his shoulder and pull him along, Marcus still stammering something but offering no resistance to you leading him to the bathroom.

When you arrive at the bathroom you notice there are four stalls, 3 of which have signs on them, you ignore them and pull Marcus into the last stall without a sign on it.

"Archie what..." before he can finish you push your mouth up against his kissing him deeply. Marcus stops his protestations and kisses you back. You remain their, your lips locked together, you run your hands up and down his body, feeling his amazing teen body.

You break the kiss and look at his body. His erection you noticed earlier is not even more pronounced, just looking at that makes you harder than you ever though possible.

Do you:

Remove his close and get a look at his cock up close?

Get him to suck you off?

Turn him around, bend him over, and fuck him?

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