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Once inside, the two of you walk into the living room to find Miranda standing naked, surrounded by the team. Assholes you think to yourself, annoyed that they didn't wait.

Jessica walks into the centre of the group of guys from your team.

"Jess!" Miranda yells, bounding toward her sister. "When did you get here?" she asks playfully, clearly oblivious to the situation she's in. She hasn't even noticed you.

"Just now sweetie... where are your clothes?" Jessica asks, an apprehensive grin on her face.

"Chad said they were dirty. He said he'd clean them for me. I told him it was okay but he's really nice!"

Jessica shoots a playful glare over her shoulder at Chad, who's smirking devilishly. "Yeah, isn't he?."

"We were just gonna play a game, sissy! Do you wanna play too?" Miranda asks.

All you can think is Holy shit, where is this going?

"That's why I came over Pumpkin! But you don't know how to play yet. I'll have to teach you," Jessica replies as she walks up to Miranda and runs a hand through her soft brown hair. "The game we like to play is sort of like a tickle match! I'll show you! Here, lay down on the table."

Miranda lays on the coffee table, her entire body able to fit easily within its perimeter. Stretched back on the hard flat surface, her tight hairless body is displayed to the entire room. Her tiny nipples are hard from the cool air, and you notice some goosebumps on her arms. You know you shouldn't be watching this, but hell, Jessica shouldn't be doing this in the first place. You're also getting really hard watching this whole scene play out.

Jessica kneels down on the ground between Miranda's legs and looks over at you with an expression that says "If you're gonna leave, do it now."

This is the last place you should leave both your sisters, but Jessica seems to know what she's doing. Perhaps it is better if you leave her to it.

Watch your older sister play with your baby sister's pussy

You are:
Josh, age 15
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