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Condition Stressed, Indecisive, Intimidated by Tom, horny Apparel and Items: Naked, dry come on her back and butt
Day, Time Saturday, Morning
Need to Bathroom A Little
Level of Humiliation Naked and with dry come on her back.

"Follow me," Tom said. He lead her out of the store room and down some more corridors.

"Where are we going?" Katie asked

"For lunch," he said. He lead her into hwat looked lick a combined living room kitchen area. Tom got out a lunch box form the fringe and started eating out of it.

"Do you know where my lunch is?" Katie asked Tom.

"Yes, come here." slowly Katie approached him "sit" he said patting the sofa next to him. Tom then reached into his pants and pulled out is dick then beofre she could reach he grabbed her head and pulled her down onto it. "Suck," he ordered her "and swallow it all". Dutifully he bobbed her head up and down licking it as she didn't want to know what he would do if she refused. "Good," he crooned, then he grabbed hold of her head and shoved in down onto his cock strangling her. She could feel the dick swelling her mouth and he let go. Because she had been fighting to get up when he let go she spring upright again off her cock which exploded in her face coverin it in cum.

"Stupid bitch!" Tom said, "your aunt was right. You are an ungrateful, disobidiant little shit. You need to be punished."

"What, why?" Katie supulltered.

"Well first off you can't follow instructions and you have got your lunch all over your face." Tom snapped he raied his arm and brought it down on her come covered face Katie yelp in pain. He then wiped his hand which was covered him his come over her boobs. What happens next? Aunt Jill comes in for lunch break, or Tom takes her into the storeroom for punishment.

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