Follow their lead

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Bound

You bite your lip as they begin to caress, kiss, and nibble all over you. Soon, the buxom one places her pussy over your face, and you begin to lick and nibble on her clit. Down below, you feel her friend start to finger your pussy. In a few minutes, she is licking you as well.

The three of you moan as you climax on top of each other.

You are rolled onto your side, and the three of you form an oral triangle, licking and nibbling again until you all orgasm even more powerfully than before.

You lie on the shore, recovering. After a few minutes, they are getting dressed, and one helps you to your feet.

"Hey, you said you'd let me go!" You cry after them, as they start to walk away.

"No, honey," the buxom one says. "I said I wouldn't leave you tied to a tree." She winks at you. "You still should be taught a lesson for trying to steal."

You run after them, but soon they are on the exposed road, and you see a lumbering truck in the distance, so you hide.

While it passes, the girls have gotten into their car, and driven off.

As the sobs build and quietly pass, you realize you can't just stay here.

You begin to cautiously take the road in the direction home, covering behind shrubs as cars approach.

Half an hour into your walk, you see an exposed root of a tree. It's in an open area visible by the road, but you think you can use it to pull the belt off your hands.


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