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Placed in alphabetical order. If there is something I have forgotten, feel free to add it.

Aknamar: King of the Elves, and your grandfather.

Beastmen: A hybrid of animal and man. More animal than man, many are savage and live by instinct. Can breed with just about any race, children will be beastmen as well, unless from an orc.

Clan of Soft Springs: Your village's name, and the name of your clan. Like most clans, your clan has no ties to the others, and you leave them alone so long as they leave you alone.

Dark Elves: The proudest race of elves, the first time a Dark Elf orgasms for someone else, they are eternally bound to that person and cannot orgasm by the actions of anyone else. This spell can be broken if they are fucked in both holes for two straight days, at which point it never manifests again. When placed under the influence of gender swapping magic, any orcs with dark elf blood, such as you, suffer this effect.

Dragons: Favorite food is orc. Some of them are intelligent, others are simple beasts. Some, though not all, are hermaphrodites.

The Farm: A giant building built by orcs, the location of which is only known by orcs, or those who have already been there. A place where members from every clan gather to fuck and impregnate hundreds of captured women.

Griffons: There are two types of griffons, human and animal. Human griffons are the result of a griffon human union, and walk on two legs, with the females having breasts, though that is the extent of the difference. They are still outcasts from normal griffon society.

Half-Elves: The result of a human and elf mating. More human than elf, especially if the mother is human. Though they have much longer lives than humans, they are susceptible to disease, weight issues, and have to take care of themselves. Their ears are also shorter than a pure elf. Usually not welcome with either humans or elves.

Humans: Selfish, paranoid, highly superstitious, and very dangerous in groups. They usually live around a body of water, isolated from other races. Humans rarely breed with other races willingly.

Minotaurs: Giant beast men, with the body of a man, and the head of a bull, covered in a thin layer of fur, aside from thier heads and legs which have thick coarse fur. Valuing strength above all, they are prone to violence, and have short tempers. During mating season, males require fresh breast milk daily in order to stay sane. They can only impregnate other minotaurs naturally.

Nymphs: Elves, usually women, addicted to sex. Similar to sexually strong orcs, they have a near insatiable urge. Some, though rare, can even outlast a sexually strong orc.

Orc Cum: Highly addictive and potent. Even the smell of it can make you light headed. However, the more magic a race possesses, the less susceptible they are to its effects.

Seria: Your mother, once an elf princess. King Aknamar's daughter.

Sunpus: A golden fruit that acts as an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac for elves.

Trolls: Small, incestuous blue creatures. All trolls are kleptomaniacs.

Witch: Witches hate men with a passion, and would sooner turn you into a woman. All witches have cocks, from which they draw their power.

Unicorns: Mystical creatures, who walk on two legs, and their horns create miracles. Hunted to near extinction for their horns, they are timid and very cautious of other races. Only nine of them exist in the entire world, and they hate sex due to the pain involved with childbirth. Completely immune to orc cum and other mind controlling magic.

Wizards: Possess strong curing magic, but are cursed as skinchangers. Most are werewolves and change with the moonlight, other's turn into various other beasts, usually bears or bulls. Very rarely, however, one will turn into a cute little bunny. Though still intelligent in their feral form, most cannot control their overwhelming desires for sex and fresh meat.

War of the Dragons: A seven month war between elves and dragons. Was won by elves, with the aid of unicorn horns.

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