Forget about exercising and do something else

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Bikini-Clad and Refreshed

You decide that the pool is the place to be. Exercising will just make you overheat.

You take your hotel room card and a towel with you and head for the hotel pool. Ahhhhh. The cool water flows over your body. You close your eyes for a moment, enjoying not being sweaty and hot.

A splash makes you open your eyes again. A very handsome hunk has joined you in the pool. He glides over to you, his eyes roaming your body.

"Hello, sexy," he purrs. "I'm Hank."

You tell him your name. "It's a perfect night for swimming."

Hank has a very noticeable bulge in his swim trunks. "It could be a perfect night for... other things, as well. Want to join me in my room?"

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