Four gangers doing a drug deal

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Costumed and crusading

From the corner of your eye, you spot what looks like a drug deal in progress. You power down your motorcycle and carefully approach the alleyway, just to make sure. Sure enough, it's a drug deal, two dealers and two customers - all armed.

"Hey!" one of them shouts. "Someone's spying on us!"

You gulp. You obviously weren't as stealthy as you'd hoped. Only one thing you can do now - hope your costume works as a distraction. You step into the alley entrance, hands on your hips. The drug dealers gape at you, bulges suddenly appearing in their pants. You take advantage of this and charge at them. They put up a fight, but they underestimate your martial arts skills, and it helps that your costume shows off so much of your natural assets. In a few quick moments, the fight is won!

What now?

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