Francine Smith - Mother, Wife, and Bimbo

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up in bed next to your husband Stan, the sounds of birds chirping outside gently easing you awake. Stan hasn't woken up yet and begun his morning routine song looking at the clock on the bed stand you have at least twenty minutes before he has to get up for work. You take a deep breath and watch as your massive J cup breasts go up and down stretching against your slutty nightie, and then you begin feeling your ever present arousal kick in. You move your hands along your body groping your massive breasts, and then working down your perfect hour glass figure. You twist your lower body a bit running one hand over your big bubble butt, finally reaching your hungry tight little pussy. You push one finger in and begin fingering yourself what a perfect way to start the morning you think. You look around the room as your breath quickens thinking about what could make this morning even better.


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