Fuck Chad to climax

From Create Your Own Story

You continue to fucks Chad's asshole while making out with him and his mom.

One of the other football players who seems more picky about his fuck holes takes Chad's mother and flips her onto the bed next to Miranda. Chad turns towards the bed and keeps fucking Miranda. Chad's mother, now naked on the bed, leans over to Miranda and starts kissing her. Incredibly turned on by watching this older woman make out with your little sister, you quickly blow your load in Chad's asshole.

After feeling your hot cum shoot up his ass, Chad pulls out of Miranda and turns around to face you. "What the hell dude, pull out."

You are confused and surprised that he would take issue with you cumming inside him given all you have already done. You begin to stammer out an apology when he stops you mid sentence.

"You just better clean me out now. Get on your fucking knees and lick."

Although you have already gone on the sexual deep end today, you are not sure you want to eat your own cum out of a man's ass.

Get on your knees and lick your cum out of his ass

Refuse and go to fuck Chad's mother

Refuse and go to fuck Miranda

Refuse and leave

You are:
Josh, age 15
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