Fuck Jessica's little slut pussy

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You rub your thumb over Jessica's sopping pussy, positioning your throbbing cock right between her lips. She struggles a little, but you hear her moan as she feels your thumb brush over her clit. You push in just far enough to fit the head of your dick inside her, and then pause. Her tight pussy grips your cock and sends waves of pleasure down your whole cock.

You can feel your sister clenching and unclenching her pussy around your cock's head, and you pull it out slowly. You hear her give a sigh of relief. You don't know whether it was because she didn't want to have sex with her own brother, or because your cock was bigger than all the other dicks she'd taken before. You don't care, either. You push your entire dick inside her, filling her up all the way. She let out a scream, and you don't know if it was pain or pleasure she was feeling. Again, you don't care. you pull out almost all the way and then push back in, building up a rhythm.

You feel your cock inside her, and you start to feel that tingling sensation that means you're going to cum soon. At the same time, you notice how tight her asshole looks. You decide to

Pull out of Jessica's slutty pussy, and play with her tight little asshole.

Keep fucking her until you cum

You are:
Josh, age 15
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