Fuck Miranda again

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You've gotten horny again from watching your friend fuck his sister. Since your sister's pussy is free at the moment, you decide to take advantage of that fact, and of her body. You pull down your pants again and cram your cock into her. It's easier than before, because her virginity is long gone, and she's full of cum now. But she's still very tight.

"Look, we got an incest double feature going," one jock says, smirking.

"Stereo!" One calls out, laughing.

Your sister swallows another load of cum as the guy in her mouth explodes, then pulls out. She coughs and spits out a little cum, but appears to have swallowed the rest. The guy who just face-fucked her helpfully pours some beer in her mouth, which she gulps down.

"Josh," she moans, beer and cum staining her lips. Then her body shakes, and you feel her cum again.

"Why does she only do that when her brother is fucking her?" The guy who was fucking you before her asks.

"She's into her brother's dick," is the response from someone you can't see.

You're not done yet yourself, so you keep fucking her. You've got more stamina this second time through. At the same time, Chad is fucking his sister harder. She's struggling less now, and still clutching your sister's hand. The same friendly guy that was fucking her earlier and had given her some beer guides your sister's face and Katy's together, telling them to kiss. Miranda does after only a moment, but it takes Katy longer to do so, and she's more reluctant.

You hear Chad grunt, and see him shake as he unloads into his sister. She breaks the kiss with your sister to moan, although it's more in shame than in pleasure. You don't think she's actually cum, although she seems to be in less discomfort than what she was in before. You, on the other hand, are about to cum yourself. For the second time that day, you blast into your little sister's pussy, and feel her orgasm back in return. It's a point of pride to you that you've gotten your sister off when Chad couldn't get Katy off, and that your sister seems to be the bigger slut of the two.

You are:
Josh, age 15
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