Fuck her hard and rough

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You fill her up completely, your cock buried into her twat up to the hilt. Then you begin to fuck her with quick, long strokes, plunging your dick into her tight, wet hole again and again. Your whole body gets into overdrive as you indulge yourself in a forbidden pleasure you did not know existed. You always thought Miri was attractive and even fantasized about the two of you engaging in all kinds of forbidden pleasures. Now here you are doing just that. And she is the tightest piece of cunt you have ever felt. She's stretched around your dick so tightly that you can't believe you aren't ripping her in two.

"Wow, watch that bitch getting plowed!" someone yells and takes a photo with his smartphone. Some other guys join in. You hear catcalls and camera shutters as flashes fire all around you. Then someone else shoots their cum onto Miranda's face. "Here girl, all for you."

She would have wailed in disgust, you're sure, if she weren't also being choked by John's cock, buried in her mouth up to the base, making her neck bulge. You pump away into your helpless sister, fucking her harder than you've fucked anyone before. All too soon you feel your balls tightening. With a few more angry thrusts you shoot your hot cum up her pussy, filling her, spilling out of her, pumping your seed through her distended cervix.

Tired and satisfied you pull out of your deflowered sister, her now gaping snatch immediately filled by someone else. You look down at your shrinking cock and wipe away a swirling mess of pink juices from its length. It seems that you did indeed rip her open, which isn't surprising really.

You pull on your jeans and glance around the room.

You are:
Josh,age 18
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