Fuck her more in her sleep

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Well, no point in stopping now. Not like she'll make her exams anyways.

You try to shake her awake, but since she is unable to form a word, you just leave her be. You take a minute to check what's happening. You realize that your cock is now 14 inches long and your balls are the size of melons! You check and realize that your demon powers have enhanced your baby-making tools. Valerie's stomach is huge and you can tell using your powers that she is pregnant with 50 of your children! Obviously that's not humanly possible. but your powers keep her from popping.

Anyways, back to fucking whatever brains are left out of your sister. You put your cock back in and begin pumping in and out while cum keeps splattering everywhere and being plugged. Now you are pumping with intense speed, probably 20 mph and your balls are filled to the brink. You didn't think it was possible, but as you cum again, Valerie's stomach puffs out even further and she looks like she is about to give birth. Valerie moans very loudly, probably loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but that doesn't bother you. You keep plowing away as you cum again, and again, and again, and again. You keep fucking her until you have cum at least 15 times and Valerie's eyes are rolled up into her head and she is sputtering nonsense. You stop for the first time in 15 hours and Valerie cums one last time with a moan that gets you hard instantly, but you decide against sliding back in. Valerie comes to and she still cannot form words and just huffs and puffs as she is trying to catch her breath from the immense fucking she just took. After about 5 minutes, she takes a shower, which tempts you but you resist for now since you have a bigger plan for her. She comes out back in, her form still shapely, but her tits have grown into massive quadruple D's with all of her pumping hormones. She had no towel on because there's no point any more.

Do you:

You are possessing:
12th grade boy with 14 inch cock and melon balls
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