Fuck her now

From Create Your Own Story

You stand looking down at her feeling like a warrior about to receive his prize.

You drop your shorts and feel the warm breeze on your thickening cock as it sways between your thighs.

You lift it with one hand, weighing it and savouring its warmth.

As you stare down at your daughter's gorgeous young snatch, your cock grows and hardens.

"Won't be long now, Sweetheart."

You look at her face, her mouth frozen in an "O", having just silently mouthed, "No".

You interpret the "O" to be her saying, "Oh, yeah," or "Oh, wow," or "Oomps, oompa, stick it in my Schkrumpa."

Dazed and weak from having just recently been mercilessly face-fucked to unconsciousness, Miranda doesn't resist as you spread her knees and drop between her succulent milky thighs.

She moans, further inflaming you.

You manage to wiggle the head of your cock into her entrance and started forcing it in to her dry hole. You only get in a short way when you definitely feel some resistance.

"You're tight for a cheer leader slut," you say, winking down at her.

She wiggles ineffectively beneath you and says what sounds like, "I'm aversion."

You are:
Alex, age 38
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