Fuck that pussy roughly

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You waste no time slamming your still hard dick in her sopping pussy. You moan at the tightness of it, and without any pause, you push in and out of her.

You ignore her muffled moans, and focus more on bringing pleasure to yourself. In a matter of seconds, you notice the still on showerhead. This gives you a plan. But first, you decide to satisfy yourself with her tight pussy.

Moaning and thrusting faster and deeper into her, you just can't get enough of your sister's forbidden place. With a final grunt, you blast your seed inside of her, your sister however, has fallen silent, although you can't be sure if she's waiting for the right time, or if she has stopped resisting.

Grabbing the shower head, you pull out of her pussy, much to your displeasure.

Spreading her vaginal lips apart, you press the shower head to it, and you are pleased to see your sister squirm with pleasure. Setting the nozzle to Jet mode, you can see her resistance has all but vanished.

You grin to yourself, it's time for part 2 of the plan, you take out her panties, and press your dick to her mouth, which started to pant in pleasure as the shower head continues to pelt her pussy with a pleasure only she can feel.

She doesn't resist you forcing your dick in her, and you are content with seeing your older sister suck your dick while helpless. Deciding this isn't enough, you decided to force her to go faster by grabbing her head and move it for her.

You throw your head back in pure bliss, but then you notice something that makes you stop cold.

Someone is watching you and your sister from the bathroom door.

Who is it?

You are:
Josh, age 18
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