Fuck that tight asshole

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Your conscious mind screams at you to put your fingers on her pussy, but something deeper drives you to bend slightly and start kissing her neck. Jessica sighs and grabs your ass more firmly. You continue kissing her neck, and massaging her wonderful tits. You feel her body relax. Even as sexually inexperienced as you are, you realize that she's given in. You feel her other hand grab your other buttock and pull you close. Your hard cock is squeezed up against her pussy. Grabbing her ass with your free hand you pull back at her and grind your cock against her abdomen.

Jess sighs again and you turn around so that her back is against the tiled shower wall. She grabs your cock and squeezes it gently. Looking into her eyes, you see an inkling of a second thought. You decide to waste no time. You push her up against the wall and grind into her once more, her hand still around your cock. You use your strong arms to lift her slightly. Jess pulls your cock down trying to line it up. Realizing what she's doing you bend your knees slightly and you feel your cock move below her abdomen and nestle somewhere warm. Your sister releases your cock and brings her hands up behind your back, onto your shoulders. You look into her eyes and say "I've wanted to do this for so long," and as you finish, you start to move your cock up into her. From where she had nestled it at her opening, the smallest pressure begins to part her lips. As the head of your cock slides slowly past her lips and into her pussy, you feel a warmth you never had. The the feelings of pleasure are intense. Wanting to savor this first time, you somehow manage to take things slowly.

Jess gasps in your ear as you continue to slide in, the walls of her hot box welcoming your member. At half way, you pull back.

"What are you doing?" Jess asks.

You smile and thrust up, burying the whole of your cock into her sopping wet pussy.

"Ohh, Josh," She coos in your ear "Fuck your sister. Come on, little brother, fuck me."

That's all you can stand. Abandoning your slow savouring of her, you begin to thrust into her in quick, long strokes.

"Ohh, yes. Fuck me, brother, fuck me good!"

You grab her waist and Jess wraps one leg around you as you pound her harder and harder. I'm fucking my sister!! you think and just as you do Jessica pulls you tight towards her, her whole body going rigid. As you continue to fuck her, you feel her pussy contract around your cock, desperately trying to make you cum.

Jess is biting her lip, trying to be quiet. A quiet, low moan escapes her and you feel her orgasm start to subside. It's all too much for you, your balls are on fire and you know there's no turning back now.

As she comes down, Jess suddenly realizes something and she whispers "Oh my god Josh. I'm not on the pill. You can't cum in me."

You smirk back and whisper "Or I'll have to cum somewhere else."

Before she can register you pull out and shove your cock into her asshole swiping her panties off the floor to use as a gag. She screams against the fabric as you thrust faster and faster into her and in a few seconds your done. She moans half with pleasure and half in pain as you pulse in her.

You pull out of her and release the gag looking into her eyes.

Jess smiles lopsidedly. "Not bad at all, little brother. Best get cleaned up." Jess moves passed you and grabs a towel.

Without another word she wraps herself up, opens the bathroom door and leaves.

Your mind a whirl, you dry yourself off and head to the kitchen. When you get there Jess is standing eating and dad ask her why she isn't sitting with them. If only he knew.

You are:
Josh, age 18
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