Fuck the Dragon Nurse

From Create Your Own Story

You decide you want to have a piece of this hot dragon ass, so you tell the nurse to get on the examination table which she eagerly agrees to. She removes her clothes revealing her big voluptuous body and gets on her back shaking the table and spreading her legs for you. Like most Dragons she is twice your size so you look like a little kid standing between her open legs, but the fact she was whispering how you were twice as big as her husband made you feel otherwise. The doctor comes behind you and starts aiming your monster cock at the dragons pussy teasing her with your engorged tip. Typically dragons are prideful people that think they were above others, but as she laid there begging for you to fuck her you felt so powerful. So you plunge as deep as you can inside her and begin pounding her pussy, she screams in ecstasy as you got to town on her. The doctor masturbates wildly while she watches and waits for her turn.

Furry Status
Health 100 Equipment:

Street Clothes Huge breeder cock

Gender X
Species Human
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