Fuck this doctor and nurse

From Create Your Own Story

Your so horny from everything that just happened all you wanna do is fuck, you put one arm around the the dragon nurse and pull her close she is almost twice her size but she doesn't try and resist you at all. You get yourself a nice handful of her big scaly ass in one hand, as the doctor wraps her huge breasts around your dick and starts blowing you at the same time. The pleasure is overwhelming as you let out a primal shout as you let out the biggest load of your life. The doctor tries her best to swallow your massive load but its just to much, and she pops her cock out of her mouth and sticks out her tongue as you unleash a fire hose of cum all over her. You look down past your still fully erect cock at the doctor whose entire face and massive breasts are now covered in your seed. Both the nurse and the doctor start begging for you to fuck them, but who should be first?

Furry Status
Health 100 Equipment:

Street Clothes Huge breeder cock

Gender X
Species Human
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