GOLG: Nither Realy

From Create Your Own Story

Your name is and Holly Duke you come from a fairly plain family. They have always had enough money for what they want and some nice holidays. You have your father(Dean), your older brother (Saul), your mother (Molly) and your rich grandparents. You from a very early age have bent your grandparents around you little finger and they spoil you. Your older brother moved out last year. The only thing that isn't average in your family was you: you have large, firm d-cup breasts, long silky smooth blond hair, a perfect tan and a round well toned ass. The only thing that amasing about you is your brain your parents won't let you drop out though 'because getting a good education is important'. Yeh right!

You are starting you first day at a new school in you sophomore year and you have a feeling that you are going to have lost of fun. You look inside your wardrobe and put on the GOL/G/NR:first day: no bra and panties, a tight weight t-shirt, a pair of denim booty shorts, some fuck-me pumps and slutty makeup or GOL/G/NR:first day: Brazillian Bikini

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