Games with Jill - Katie remains still and hopes it ends

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Condition Stressed, Indecisive, Intimidated by Tom, horny Apparel and Items: Naked, cum on butt and back
Day, Time Saturday, Morning
Need to Bathroom A Little
Level of Humiliation Naked and fucked by a man twice her age

Tom reached forward and tweaked her nipple, "go on, get back to work" he said.

She spent the next hour or so lifting up boxes and putting them on shelves. Ocationly she caught Tom looking at her from across the room though she was sure he was looking at her more then that. If it wasn't for that she might have been able to forget that she was naked and alone in a room with a man that was twice her age, and had dry cum on her back and butt and she had to do whatever he said. All too soon all of the boxes were back on shelves so she stealed her self and walked over to Tom who was moving stuff around on shelves. When he spotted he turned round and toled her to: Follow him, Come over to him,

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