Get Alyssa to lick you out, and let Josh fuck her

From Create Your Own Story

You all switch where you are, Alyssa lays you back on Josh's bed and puts her hands on your thighs, then she starts to slowly lick your pussy. You start to feel the pleasure spread throughout your body, and that only increases as she starts to tongue fuck your pussy, forcing her tongue in and out of your wet pussy. You see Josh behind Alyssa, and he puts his cock inside her. She lets out the loudest moan that have ever heard, which turns into a quiet scream, as he begins to fuck her, You feel her tongue moving more as she tongue fucks you, as the momentum of Josh fucking her helps with pleasuring you.

After only a couple of minutes, you hear Alyssa scream loudly as she has an orgasm from Josh's cock. He must have found her g-spot quickly, but you then remember that they both have a history. You then let out a small scream as you have a small orgasm from Alyssa tongue fucking you.

You decide that you want something different, you finally decide to...


You are:
Jessica, age 21
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