Get Alyssa to lick you out whilst sucking Josh's cock

From Create Your Own Story

You all switch where you are, Alyssa lays you back on Josh's bed and puts her hands on your thighs, then she starts to slowly lick your pussy. You start to feel the pleasure spread throughout your body, you almost forget that your brother is there... Almost. You look over to him after a minute of letting Alyssa lick your pussy, and his is slowly stroking his cock. You gesture for him to come over to you, as he gets closer to you, you grab his cock and start to stroke it. Then he walks closer and you once again put it down your throat. You take pleasure from having your brother's cock in your throat again, but this time it's even better as he has actually willingly put his cock down your throat.

Your lead on your brother's bed, sucking his cock and getting tongue fucked by your best friend, who had also been your friend-with-benefits/lover. You can't think how the evening could get any better. You then see how it could. You decide to...


You are:
Jessica, age 21
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