Get a ride (and the car's full of girls)

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked & Moving

What timing you think and you jump into the back seat quickly before the boys can get to you and slam the door closed. Looking around you see three other girls. At this point the car hasn't moved yet and boys are getting closer each second. "You seem to be in a bit of trouble here and if you don't want us to toss you back out of the car you will do exactly as we ask." the driver then says "besides, you'll have a lot of fun with us and then we'll take you home"

Not wanting to be tossed to the wolves so to speak you comply with their request and the girl in the back seat with you has you put your hands by your side and then locks them into place with your seat belt. And with your hands trapped in the seat belt you can't do anything to cover your boobs if you need to.

The car starts to move away and you realize that you now have put your fate in the hands of these teenage girls, and you realize that the way the parking lot works the car will pass the boys on the way out, there's a small line at the booth. As you wait in the line the boys come up to the car and they all get a great look at your exposed breasts through the window. One of the boys has a chat with the girl driving and you see him hand her a five dollar bill and then grin at you.

Quite unexpectedly the window starts to lower and immediately hands shoot into the car and start to fondle your boobs. "Sorry, Todd offered me five dollars to lower the window." The girls all laugh at you while the a mob of boys are groping you till the car moves on. The car finally gets to the front of the line and the guard asks for the five dollar parking fee, they point at you and say that you are paying. One of the girls has placed a five dollar bill between your boobs and the guard notices you and grins. He reaches for the five and somehow misses it and ends up grabbing a breast, as he is fumbling around for the money at your expense the driver asks "Hey Fred, do you mind if we borrow your spare set of handcuffs, we'll return them when we are done and promise to give you pictures" He eventually gets that five he was looking for and tosses a set of handcuffs to the driver "Sure Sarah just make sure I get them back when you are done".

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