Get an Ice Cream

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Embarrassed

You order an ice cream cone -- mmmm, chocolate, your favorite -- and sit on a bench in a shady spot to eat it. You slowly lick your way around the edge, catching the melting ice cream before it can run down the cone.

A young couple nearby -- you estimate in their early 20's -- are waling towards you.

"Michael!" giggles the woman. "I love you too, but that was quite a kiss! Save it for home."

"Just letting you know how much I care about you, Pattie," Michael chuckles.

"You're insatiable," Pattie laughs. She gives Michael a playful push. Unfortunately, he bumps against a nearby pillar and loses his balance, falling directly into you. The impact knocks the ice cream out of your hands and directly onto the front of your sundress.

"Oh!" Michael gasps. "I'm so sorry, miss! Let me help get you cleaned up." He grabs a handful of napkins and tries to get the now rapidly melting ice cream off your dress. In the process, he clumsily tears the thin material.

"I'll do it..." you start to say as you try to stand. Your dress snags on a protruding nail and completely rips apart, leaving you naked. You screech and frantically try to cover up with your hands, blushing a deep red.

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