Get felt up by someone in the crowd

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to go get a really cold drink at the concessions first. The heat is so unbearable that you're wearing a tiny bathing suit. The top is so small that major side boob and under boob is visible. Your nipples are extremely hard and they're poking through. Your bottom is tiny that it really fits like a thong. Your ass cheeks hang out on either side and there's a very small line (about as wide as your finger) covering your vagina.

You're waiting in line when suddenly you feel a hand from behind you, reach up and touch your boob. You let out a sigh, not even caring that a stranger is touching you. They slowly move their thumb over your extremely hard nipple (about as thick and erect as the eraser of a pencil). You keep sighing because it feels so good. Then you feel the other hand reach between your legs and move the string over to the side. They start rubbing your clit. You get wetter and wetter, so they decide to start fingering you.

It feels so forceful. Pumping in and out. You know your about to cum all over the place, but you let the stranger keep going. Soon you erupt all over the place and your cum gets all over the strangers fingers. They remove their fingers and start sucking all your juices off.

You notice that it's your turn to order. The man working the concessions has noticed what was happening. You can see his hard cock and it's really big. He gives you a look like he's ready for his turn with you. He moves his hand to his cock and starts stroking it. You start getting wet from his big hard cock.


Let the concession man fuck your behind the counter

Have a three way with the concession man and the mysterious stranger

Ignore both of them and go the lazy river

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