Get fingered by Josh whilst Alyssa suck his cock

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You all switch where you are, you are now sat on the bed next to Josh and Alyssa is knelt in front of Josh. Then you feel Josh's hand on your inner, right thigh and feel him moving his hand up towards your crotch eventually finding your wet pussy. You feel his fingers on your pussy lips and running over your clit, making you let out a little moan. You have never felt closer to your brother and it turns you on just thinking about your brother doing this, but with him actually playing with your pussy makes you so much hornier and you feel like you are already going to orgasm already. Josh then slides his finger inside your pussy, which drives you even more crazy.

You let out a little scream and look into his eyes, you realize that it is the first time you have really looked at him during all this. You get his face with both of your hands and start to kiss him, you know that kissing him isn't as bad as him fingering you, but it feels so good when you are kissing him like the taboo has been complete. Just thinking about that makes you orgasm, you carry on kissing Josh as you cum, then they have a thought.

You really want to change things up, you want to switch positions, do you...


You are:
Jessica, age 21
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