Get him to fill your pussy

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Horny and Unfilled

You remove your lips from the boy's man sized pecker, and you quickly turn around, presenting your pussy to him.

"Quick, push it in here," you urge the young boy. He tries his best, and you try to facilitate him. He slips and slides against your slick snatch, pressing against your anus before finally you reach back and guide him inside you. You clench and arch your back in bliss as you finally begin to be filled.

As suddenly as it began, the boy cries out. Fortunately, your pussy muscles keep him still as he pumps some seed into your pussy. Unfortunately it is hardly enough.

You are disappointed the boy didn't last long enough to satisfy you, and rather than stay around and wait for his mom to show up, you throw on the wet clothes from the laundromat and dash home, still hot, and now even more horny.

Do you:

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