Get in the car with the young redhead

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Sexing

You smile at the redhead and climb into her car. "My place is overheating," you tell her. "Let's go to yours."

"Fine with me," she purrs, getting in the driver's seat. "I'm Laryssa."

You introduce yourself. "I hoper your air-conditioning works," you say.

"Oh, it works just fine," Laryssa informs you. "But I think you and I will be getting plenty hot anyway."

Soon enough, you arrive at her small house. It is in fact refrshingly cool inside. As promised, Laryssa and you quickly strip and her lips meet yours. When you break for air, your pussy is already juicing. You climb onto the bed and after you both caress each other's bodies, Laryssa's mouth finds your nipple. You moan lustily as she suckles and your fingers slide inside her dripping box.

"Mmmm," Laryssa husks, unlocking her lips from around your tit-flesh. "I want all of you, love."

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