Get on your knees and lick your cum out of his ass

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You get down on your knees and start to lick his asshole.

"Ha, I have already fucked your older sister a few times. Now I have fucked your younger sister and you. Only seems right that I should go all out and fuck your mom and dad" chad says as begins to rub your sister's clit.

The thought of it nearly brings you orgasm.

Chad's mother lets out a moan as she orgasm from being fucked by one of the other football players. She leans over to give your sister another kiss before getting off the bed to knee down next you. She pulls your head away from Chad's ass and kisses you. Your mouth is full of your own cum, which she begins to lick out.

Chad also cums inside your sister before turning around to suck your incredibly erect cock. You have been on the verge of orgasm for a while now, so you cum after a few seconds. After you do, Chad's mother begins to lick the cum out of Chad's mouth just as she did with you.

You watch Chad kiss his mother for a while before standing up and walking over to your sister.

She is not currently being fucked by anyone and laying on the bed, legs wide open, and covered in cum and saliva.

Lick her vagina

Pick her up and leave while everyone is distracted with each other

You are:
Josh, age 15
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