Get out of line and let him have his way with you

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Topless & In A Pool

Sickened by his threat but terrified of what he could do if you refuse (after all, he IS ballsy enough to threaten you with all these people around), you nod your head. He guides you out of line and towards a corner of the pool behind the slide, where half a dozen other teenage boys are hanging around. All of them look big and strong, and you feel a sudden heat between your thighs. Suddenly, you're fighting back the desire to have all these boys have their way with you.

The boys cheer on your captor, and their hands waste no time going for your magnificent breasts. Some of them are stroking and caressing, others are crushing them in their hands for all it's worth. Much to your horror, you find yourself getting hornier and hornier as the molestation continues. You find yourself grinding your ass against your captor's crotch, and feeling his hardness against your ass turns you on even more. But that's nothing compared to the sensation of their fingers stroking your pussy lips through your bikini bottom.

What do you do?

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