Get stopped by security

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Status: Topless and Sitting

You haven't gone 10 feet when a hand clamps down firmly on your arm. A tall, busty blonde wearing a tight-fitting security uniform is giving you a stern look. "Come with me, miss," she says. You meekly tag along with her to the security office. She escorts you to a small, bare room, with two wooden chairs and a lone lightbulb attached to a fixture in the ceiling, and locks the door behind you. You sit on one of the chairs, facing her.

"I had a top when I went down the slide," you inform her nervously. "It came off, and I saw it... but when I went to retreive it, it was gone."

The blonde security officer's face relaxes into a smile. "I know that, miss. You're not in trouble, it was an accident. But we can't have you walking around topless, so I will remain here with you until someone returns your top. By the way, my name is Kelly."

You introduce yourself. "So I have to stay here with you until my top is found?"

Kelly laughs. "That's not necessarily a bad thing, you know." She rises, walks over to your chair, positions herself behind you and begins massaging your neck and shoulders. Her hands feel good on your body.

Do you:

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