Get taken to the security office

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Status: Naked, Handcuffed, and In Big Trouble

The security guard drags you through the park for everyone to see. You flush with shame as passersby stare and holler at you, making lewd comments of the worst kind. Some are even taking photos and video of you, which you feel sure will wind up online all too soon.

He takes you to a short but sturdy brick building and forces you inside. Your nipples harden as your dripping wet body reacts to the cold air as well as a growing apprehension as he drags you down a dimly lit hallway. Finally, he shoves you inside a small room containing a metal chair in the center and a small table nearby cluttered with all kinds of stuff. There are no windows in the room, except for a small one in the door. You're more afraid than ever now. He can do anything he wants to you in here, and nobody would ever know! And who knows what he'd do to you afterwards to keep you from talking?

He forces you into the chair and uncuffs your hands only to recuff them behind the back of the chair, and then shackles your ankles to its legs, despite you thrashing your legs. You can't move at all except for your head and neck, and squirming only serves to cause your breasts to jiggle. The cold chair causes your body to shudder and your nipples to harden. "No more running away for you," he says.

"HELP!" you scream, even though you know nobody can hear you. "Help me! Please! Somebody help me!"

"Go ahead and scream all you want," he leers. "This room is soundproof."

"What's going on?" you demand. "Why are you doing this to me? I didn't do anything wrong!"

"That's not how I remember it," the guard replies. "And that's certainly not what I'll put in my report. I can have you arrested for public indecency and multiple counts of seducing a minor. That's pretty hardcore jail time. A pretty little thing like you won't last very long in jail."

"What do you want?" you say, although you have a pretty good idea what the answer will be.

"Just for you to give me a good time," the guard says as he opens the toolbox. "A real good time. And you can cooperate and we can both enjoy it, or you can make a fuss and I'll have my fun another way. Watching a pretty girl in pain is just as much fun as screwing her brains out. And to help you make up your mind..."

A chill runs down your spine as he produces two clips connected to cords attached to a car battery. Your breathing quickens as you desperately try and squirm away, but there's nothing you can do as he puts two of the clamps on your nipples, already stiffened from the cold of the chair you're bound to and your ever-increasing fear. You shriek in pain as the clamps crush your nipples in their cold metal grip. He then produces a third clamp, also connected to a wire, and you tremble with fear as you realize where it's about to go. "No! NO!" you scream as you feel the clamp forced between your pussy lips and crushing your clit. You're screaming now, both in pain and terror.

"Here's a little taste," the guard says as he pushes a button. Electric current suddenly tears through your body, flowing into your breasts and pussy. You writhe, thrash, and scream in agony as the electricity races through you. The water droplets on your body make it even worse.

It feels like an eternity before he stops it. You're gasping for breath, and your entire body hurts and is covered with sweat mixed with pool water.

"You want another taste," the guard says, "Or are you going to cooperate?"

What's your answer?

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