Get to the ladder only to find it in use

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Topless & In A Pool

Keeping as submerged as possible, you get in the line for the ladder, your eyes riveted on your top. There's half-a-dozen people before you, and some of them are taking their time. Every second you're in line increases your risk of exposure, and you swallow nervously thinking about it.

Suddenly, you feel a powerful arm wrap around your waist as the person in line behind you pulls you close to him. "You've got an amazing body," your captor says. Judging by his voice, he's a boy well into his teens, and you can feel his body is big and strong. You can feel his erection pressing between the cleft of your butt-cheeks through your swimsuits. "Either you get out of line and let me and my friends have some fun with it, or say goodbye to what's left of your bathing suit."

"You do and I'll scream rape," you whisper back.

The boy only laughs. "My friends'll be witnesses saying you came on to me. And my uncle runs security here."

What do you do?

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