Get up and go home topless

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Naked and Horny

You rise slowly to your feet and look around. You have no idea where your bikini top is, and you don't see it, so you start heading back to your car.

You haven't taken more than 10 steps when a hand with a rag in it clamps over your nose and mouth. You take a breath of an odd-smelling chemical into your lungs, and almost instantly fall unconscious. You start dropping towards the ground, but a pair of strong arms catches you.

You slowly filter back to the world of the living. You're naked and in a bed. Two mouths are kissing your breasts and four hands are softly caressing your body. You blink open your eyes.

A very handsome, well-muscled. brown-haired young man is on your left. He's as naked as you are and his pole, 8 inches of thick man-meat, is fully hard. "You're awake," he smiles. "I'm Ken."

"I'm his partner, Karen," purrs a seductive feminine voice. It belongs to the naked redhead on your right. She's about Ken's age, and you judge them to be younger than you -- about 18 or 19. Karen's chest, though not quite as large as yours, is firm.

You manage to tell them your name, although with both your breasts being suckled and two sets of hands teasing your body, your higher brain functions are shutting down. Your pussy is leaking honey.

"Mmmmmm," you murmur. "That feels very good."

Ken grins. "Glad you like it."

Karen smiles. "We're as horny as you, and find you incredibly sexy." She whispers into your ear.

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