Get up and take a shower

From Create Your Own Story

You decide to take a shower. You look around. "I must have had a good party last night." you say as you see panties, cum and other sexual stuff around your apartment. You run upstairs to your landlord's room, which has the washroom in it. Your landlord is shockingly handsome and naughty. He is a border collie furry, but he's rather calm for his breed. His name is Anderson, but you're used to calling him Andie. You look at him, glance at his erect dick, then look away. You quietly open the door to the washroom.

You take your panties and bra off, leaving your boobs bouncing and your pussy visible. You slide the shower door open and walk inside it, then you turn on the water, setting it to a warm temperature.

Do you:

Health Tired Equipment:


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Level 1
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