Get your clothes back on, just in case

From Create Your Own Story

Status: Clothed & Overheated

You begrudgingly put your hot, sweaty clothes back on, fearful that there may be someone watching in the woods. Feeling defeated, you begin to walk back home. Apart from the path you took into the secluded pond area, the woods are too thick to walk through.

Suddenly, a man emerges the bushes. He has an awful, giant pair of glasses that look like they went out of style with the 1980s, and a pitiful moustache to complete the look of "complete creep" that he must have been going for. It's so bad, in fact, that you nearly didn't notice that he was wearing nothing but a fishnet shirt and stocking suspenders with a knife strapped to them. He gives you a bone-chilling smile as he jerks off in front of you.

"Come here often, pretty lady?" the fashion-impared miscreant croaks.

You want to scream, but you know nobody will hear you. You're alone with this creep.

He pulls the knife out of the strap on his leg with the hand that isn't jerking off. "Why don't you take your clothes back off? I haven't seen a pretty lady like you in quite some time."

You really wish you had brought your pepper spray, but you didn't, so you need to think quick.

Do you:

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