Girl Scout Cookies/Rape her ass

From Create Your Own Story

As you find the opening to her ass, Lin screams again, “No! Not there!” Her struggling only heightens your desire as you increase the pressure your penis creates on her asshole.

Shortly, you feel something give way as you slowly push your cock into her virgin ass. Lin screams in pain as you roughly slide in as deeply as you can. The tightness your cock feels in unbelievable -- you never thought you could feel something this snug and hot on your cock. As you continue to thrust, Lin screams with each thrust, and the feeling on your cock is electric. It isn’t long before you are filling her ass with your cum as you pull her as close to you can you can.

Lin is completely limp with exhaustion at this point and as you pull yourself out of her, she wilts in a pile in the tub, the water washing away the blood and cum seeping out of her ass.

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