Give Mom the prize

From Create Your Own Story

"Oh," you say quietly. You have always dreamed about having sex with you dad and little brother, but you have dreamed more of what it would be like if you did it with your mom. You are bisexual, having done lesbian action with your friend Alyssa and fucking most of the football players. As you look down to Mom's large breasts, you see that they are poking out, just like yours. "You did wi-."

That is all she needs. Your mom pushes you to a point in the pool where you can touch the bottom. She pushes you against the edge and kisses you deeply. As she goes in for more kisses, she starts to push her tongue into your mouth. You retaliate by meeting your tongue with hers. You start little tongue-play before it gets really hot.

While kissing, your mom starts to squeeze your blue bikini and pinch your nipples. You immediately bring your hands to her own red top. Without warning, you mom rips off your top and your large tits fall free. She starts to rub them with ease, trying to grab them with her whole hands.

"You're such a good daughter," Mom says as she breaks lips. She stares at your ample breasts and moves down to the surface of the water to lick them. "You're much better than the rest of the family."

She starts breastfeeding before you can say anything. You moan loudly and breathe heavily as your boobs are fondled with. "I've always wanted you, Mommy. You ...ughhhh... You are my dream... "

As if on cue, your mom starts to suck harder. "Oh...oh yes! Ahhh! Yes Mommy, suck my nipples dry! YES! GOD FUCKING YES! AHHH!" Your mom starts to nibble and bite your swollen nipple. Finally, she stops with biting and pulling your nipple out an inch.

"Mmm, my baby's tits taste good. How about I feel what you felt," she says.

You couldn't be faster taking her crimson top off. You throw it into the water along with yours. Her tits are a little larger than yours, and that makes you want them. You turn her around and starts sucking like she did. Her breasts taste like strawberries, your favorite food. This turns you on more, and you start to suck harder than she did.

"Ahhh! Yes, keep going, baby girl! Suck your mom's nipples like you did as a baby!" She turns her head back and pushes your head closer to her boob. "Yes! YES! OH YES GOD! ... AHHH!" Her body shakes from an orgasm.

You come up and start kissing your mom again. "You are better than your father," she says.

"I know what women want," you reply.

You push your chest against hers. Then you realize that you are outside. In the open. Your mom seems to see it, too.

"Surely if someone saw us, they received a show." your mother assures you.

As you look around, you see that your neighbors are at least a quarter-mile away. But there are just little shrubs between the houses. Someone could easily see into the pool. You stare into the windows of your closest neighbors, but see no movement. The thought of being caught makes you aroused again. You still aren't done with your mom, yet. You decide to take her out of the pool and lead her:

To the lawn behind the pool

To the pool chair

To somewhere in your house

You are:
Jessica, age 21
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