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This time she sits down as she takes it. She gets much shorter, now becoming 15. Her hair is longer, but her boobs are still almost a D cup, something some adult women don't get.


"This isn't normal, huh?" Vault Girl says, her voice a little higher than normal.

"Uh, no V, no it's not."

"Hmm...wait...I remember something from...before.

I remember being 13, in school. By that time some girls had began to form boobs already, albeit small. Most had gotten some form of cute butt, but me, no. I was flat in every way. I remember that...that my mom was sexy, like very. She had super big boobs and a bubble butt, and I was jealous. She found out, and talked to me. She said that girls from our family weren't supposed to be sexy, but mostly flat. She said, though, it had been a time of miracle. Apparently some company wanted to test radiating a female body to see if a small body could mutate into a larger one. My mom agreed when she was 20, and it worked, way better than anyone predicted. They also found that the radiation could come off her and affect others, but only very closely. She said she could give me the same thing. So we waited until my dad was gone, then at night, we slept together, with nothing on. The next morning nothing had changed, so we tried again. Still nothing. The third night, my mom tried something different. She sat there, with me next to her, and masturbated on a dildo. She cummed all over it, then gave it to me. She told me to put it in. I did, and it pushed against my cherry. She stopped me there, and we left it there all night. The next morning, the breasts were B cups.

After that, my ass slowly grew, and so did my boobs. At 14, they stopped at a low C cup. I thought it ended. I was sad, but I was also satisfied. Then, I turned 15. They grew to D cup. I was surprised. I got a boyfriend, nice and cute. One night, for my 16th birthday, we snuck out to watch the stars. As I laid with him, my head on his chest, they grew. And grew. Before we knew it, my boobs had grown to an E cup, in 5 minutes, and my shirt and bra were destroyed. Needless to say, that" \

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