Give in and be the vixen's good little boy toy

From Create Your Own Story

You stop trying to fight it. The vixen is in complete control of the situation.

She finishes unzipping your fly and slides her paw inside to rub your cock directly. You moan, your voice muffled by her nipple in your mouth.

She unbuttons your jeans and removes them, leaving you both naked. Then she shifts her body so it's fully on tip if yours and grinds against your pole. You shiver and instinctively open your legs.

Prying her chest away from your face, the vixen mounts you and starts bouncing up and down, holding you against the bed. You move your hips to match her rhythm.

"That's my good little toy," she purrs. She bounces her way to several climaxes, and you get close. She slides off of you and strokes your cock until you erupt. She then lies down next to you and snuggles against you.

Furry Status
Health 100 Equipment:


Gender Male
Species Human
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