Give up and let the officer help you

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Status: Naked & Humiliated

"All right you got me" you say as you raise your hands above your head, you figure you might as well make a show of it to the people who can see you.

The officer quickly places a blanket over you. You hold it tight over you, as you are led to his squad car, everybody laughing and hooting behind you. You are sat in the back seat, and the door is closed.

The officer stands outside, with his back turned, for another fifteen minutes, without looking or saying anything to you. Then, a small subcompact car pulls over behind the squad car. A stocky woman with short hair, wearing shorts and a t-shirt, steps out, and heads over.

"We need to hire a couple more girls," she calls out above the traffic, "or I will NEVER have a day off."

She and the officer exchange car keys. "Try not to break it," she says, nodding to her car.

"How would you tell?" he asks.

She scowls and points her finger. "Don't make me knock you into next week - we're already short-staffed today."

The officer drives off in her car, as she sits in the front seat, and reads you your rights.

As she drives into town, she puts her arm up on the seat next to her, and talks to you through the grate.

"Let me tell you, miss. It doesn't look like anyone is going to press charges today, but we still have to process you, and you'll end up with a fine. But you get one uptight asshole who spots you, and fills out all the right paperwork, you're looking at the conviction to a sex-offense. That means no living within 1000 yards of schools, your name on an internet registry, hate mail, and death threats. Bottom line, don't go out naked anymore, you hear me?"

You nod silently, avoiding her gaze.

You pull into the station, and she escorts you through the back doors. You are still clutching the blanket tightly around your body.

A male officer starts to hoot at you, but it transforms into a cry of pain as the female officer is grabbing his ear, pulling it down.

"I told you, creep, you keep it up, I will have you dick as a trophy on my wall." She turns to you. "Come on, honey, let's get you dressed."

She escorts you to a musty storage room, where she locks the door behind the both of you. Inside are unorganized boxes of clothes. She scratches her ear, and waves her hand at the boxes. "Try to find something that fits. I dare you."

You begin to go through the boxes, when she approaches from behind you, resting her hand on your shoulder, which had become exposed.

"You know, I can delay your processing." Her finger idly plays under the margin of the blanket, slowly pulling it off your shoulder. "So you don't end up getting thrown in Holding."

You turn to face her, and the back of her hand caresses your cheek.

"Trust me, a delicate flower like you will not do well in Holding."


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