Go Wait for the Hot Lifeguard

From Create Your Own Story

You go wait behind the surf shack and the lifeguard eventually shows up. "So what kind of dirty do you think we can get away with back here?" he asks. You look down at his gorgeous tanned body and his beautiful package wrapped tightly in a jet black speedo. You tear your eyes away from his massive bulge for a moment and examine his awesome face. He looks like he might be half asian or something. Either way its fucking hot!

You move up to him and firmly grasp his cock. He smiles at you and does the same. Before you know it you two are fucking like wild animals. You've never gone this crazy before when having sex. You shove your meat up his ass and push him against the wall of the surf shack. He moans and writhes with pleasure. You keep thrusting and he keeps groaning.

He's pumping his dick and you hear him say, "Oh. Oh. I'm cumming." You turn him around quickly and stick his massive tool in your mouth. He shoots his load and collapses onto you. The two of you share the hottest kiss you've ever had, with his rock-hard body pressed on top of yours, lying naked on the sand.


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