Go along with the plan

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Status: Pinned Closed and a Phone in your Pussy

You grab your phone and splay open your pussy to the boy behind you. You rub yourself once or twice, but you are already plenty wet, and take the phone and press it against your lips. You immediately receive a text, vibrating against you, causing you to squirm a little as you being to push the phone into you snatch. Fortunately your phone is small enough that it's not impossibly hard, although every few seconds you have to stop yourself as a wave of pleasure from a new vibration washes over you. You nearly drop your phone once or twice, but eventually you get it all the way in.

Now you grab two clothespins. The vibrations have stopped temporarily, and you glance back at the boy. He gives you a look that says get on with it. So, taking the two clothespins, you begin to clamp your swollen pussy closed. You are barely able to do it with too, as your stuffed and puffy lips still leave a small opening, where you can feel yourself leaking out.

Apparently though this is good enough for your abuser, who now calls your phone. Inside you, you feel the buzzing like a masturbation egg, and ride the waves of pleasure, moaning and arching your back at each new ring. You glance back for a second to see your master whacking his dick as you writhe in pleasure. Your snatch is dripping wet now, and your beginning to make a little puddle on the floor.

Although you try to restrain your passion, you cannot control yourself for long, as you suddenly orgasm with a loud moan, spraying through the little gap in your lips, and creating a massive puddle on the floor which you are soon laying in.

You feel the last buzz of the phone end, and lay for a while exhausted. When you get up, there is cum on the window and the boy is nowhere to be seen. You don't want to imagine what sort of pictures he might have of you now. You quickly gather your clothes and prepare to head home.


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